2019, march 25th
actually it was 12 years. Now it took only 19 years for me to add 2 fixes to a href=../aftereffects/retrodots.php>Retrodots for After Effects. Due to request by Robert Kjettrup of href=http://www.troikafilm.dk.>troikafilm.dk. He also motivated me to maybe add some new touches on it. So possibly maybe there will be a 2.0 at some point. If you have ideas or are interested let me know.

2012, august 13th
10 years later.... Retrodots for After Effects now available for 64Bit due to request by Sascha of deepartmend.de Also did some small sloppy adjustments while on it. If you you are missing something or something or let me know.

2010, november 6th
Woohuuu... even more amazin. Sinedots 2 for After Effects now available for CS5.

2007, october 5th
Woohuuu... it's true. An update. Updated Sinedots 2 for After Effects to support float colors and Intel cpus on MacOS.

2006, october 26th

Check out the first plugin of our new Taronites series. ZbornToy is a shading system for depth images featuring, lighting, refraction, caustics, etc. Make sure to check out the gallery.

2006, july 15th
Released Kidsnapper V1.01. Small bugfix to enable whatismyip.org again.

2005, september 1st
Released Kidsnapper V1.0. Kidsnapper is a tool to make desktop snapshots oder the net.